Writing about your journey or talking about yourself is always quite bizarre. I do sometimes enjoy looking back at something I've written tho and thinking....'well that was nonsense.' I thought I might use this blog space to write things based on my artistic en-devours. Starting with how I ended up doing art and what the point of it is.

I think the biggest drive for me personally regardless of art, is trying to understand myself. Even before I was forced to confront certain aspects of myself that scared me with therapy and the like. Since I was a kid I was always questioning everything. I often asked friends questions that for me seemed natural and matter of fact, but for them I had crossed some kind of social wall and offended them. So I guess I retreated a little and became the jester, searching for other ways to express what I was feeling. My learnt behaviors and suffocating anxiety took the reigns and I tried desperately to control it. Nothing academic made sense to me, its rules too constricting and its coldness unappealing. I found music to be the perfect outlet for me and became lost in pop musics lore. I toured as a singer/songwriter for years and the exorcism of confusion, angst, love or rebellion between the crowd and myself became something I lived for. Stage control was something that took years for me to get to grips with. You can command a room without saying a word sometimes and that engagement is a powerful thing.

Music takes a long time. Even when you have just an acoustic and a voice the whole process from idea to finished track is lengthy in time. When I found art it was different. Its instant...with a few brush strokes you can depict anger, hate, sex, love or euphoria. You have full control over whether you want something to be obvious or abstract. Like an acoustic there is a tactile interaction with the canvas. Its literally coming from your hands.

A good amount of people have now acknowledged the energy in my work. Even If the concept has not quite hit the mark just yet and I will end up, in time, saying what I want to with more grace. There is an unquestionable intent and honesty contained within. I'm quite proud of the fact people have noticed this. Art is my quest to understand the world around me, my place within it, and filling in the bits that people don't like talking about. Even if the piece is not directly about anything in particular I am always conscious of trying to communicate. It helps me, and hopefully helps you.

So for the blue abstract piece above for instance....there are rules in place for this style of abstract canvas that i do. But they are mine...I make them (said rules will be discussed in another entry at some point). Is it a landscape? is it energy? Is it freedom or purely aesthetic?....does it matter? From colour choice, mark making, depth and abstract ideas, right through to something more fine art in practice I am essentially exploring the human condition.

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