Its been a year since I posted my last blog entry and created this website. I had all the good intentions to go a little more in depth with what I was up to on my journey with art and it’s revelations.

My work turnover is very quick though so my Instagram kind of acts like a blog in itself. I just liked the idea of keeping a blog the old skool way. That didn’t happen did it...

Lots of things haven’t happened though right?! Who could of predicted a pandemic? Well, Bill Gates as it happens but we were too busy installing update number 2,467 on Windows 10 to notice.

What has turned out to be the darkest but also the most interesting living episode of Big Brother/Black Mirror. The 19th Corona Virus has made everybody spend some time with themselves.....and the results have been very interesting to me.

I spend/spent most of my life creating things in my little world and being anxious and rebellious in the real world. Therefore when the rules of the real world don’t apply any more to anyone, ive just carried on doing what I do and not a huge amount has changed psychologically for me.

I live such a small humble life and have little responsibility tied to me, that furlough has been a god send allowing me to do what I do best. Learn, experiment and create. It’s the real world I struggle in, so being in my world without the guilt for doing so has been rather liberating.

My heart goes out to the families who have suffered from it, the catastrophic amount of lives lost and the anxiety people feel day to day not knowing what to do with themselves.

It’s almost like outlooks have been switched. Now everybody who has put so much energy into all that capitalism has to offer have been left scratching their heads bored. Chasing progression, a better way of life or deliberating whether Deborahs kitchen is better than yours is absolutely worthless. Survival mode kicks in, a place where a lot of the best art is made.

(I am aware of my privilege, my furlough and the hardship a family brings okay? It’s richeous out there kids ;-)

We’ll go back to normal in time....like nothing happened. It’ll be a memory like 9/11, Atomic Kitten or Grenfell and the potential opportunity for doing things differently will be long gone over the horizon.

For a moment tho things were quiet, people went for walks and were forced to confront aspects of their personality they maybe didn’t want to. Friends of mine found out that maybe trying to fit gym, kids, career, social media, food shopping, social life, sex life, beauty regimes, being a political voting concerned citizen, and learning tiktok...and that was just Monday....probably wasn’t so good for their health after all.

As we come out of lockdown and my anxiety builds back up into a place I’m not sure I belong in, (but too gutless to be free of completely) I hope Covids destruction has been worth more than people frowning at me when I sneeze.

I’ve been doodling...and for longer than I can remember I’ve actually been alright! Im very aware all this has been under the pretence of furlough tho. If there was no job for me in the aftermath then maybe singing Wonderwall on the streets before it comes out that Liam Gallagher ate his girlfriend during lockdown, beckons...

Heres 2 separate galleries of just some of the things I’ve done over lockdown. Separated into me and my alto ego Little Blue. Thanks to the people that have bought pieces from me over the period. I’m thankful and I hope you continue to support me. It’s been a real help financially.

Commissions have stepped up and I’ve been able to explore practises in depth.

I’m open for commissions that don’t cost a fortune and am also planning a little blue coffee table book.

Stay Safe everyone...I hope you are doing okay. It’s a weird time so just try to go with it. If it goes mental watch Tiger King again.


GALLERY 1 - Andrew Foster

GALLERY 2 - Little Blue