Vibrancy, Saturation, Fluorescent, Loud, Lairy... all words you may associate with my new exhibition


'Do You Really Want To Know? (How Sausages Are Made)'

In my digital work, its much easier to experiment with a louder colour palette. To embrace the colour clashes and provocative decisions in hues and un-cage the imagination. This collection is a celebration of breaking the rules and going with the flow. Challenging the viewer to delve into the pieces and sit with them, demanding an emotional response. Good or bad.

The title came from the idea of something enjoyable but with the underlying truth to it being something quite darker. The collection has been Influenced by my love of abstract art, video games,  brash 80s/90s marketing and the obsession with the idea of looking back to a time of perceived simplicity. I've always like the idea of balance and the ying yang approach to everything. In anything that is good there is bad and visa virca. I love the title line from the Paloma Faith and Ed Harcourt song 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful'. This exhibition plays with this theme with a little more cheeky dark humour than is usually in my work. The digital medium allows this freedom of expression and i feel it has more of my personality in it than ever before.