Little Blue is the pseudonym of contemporary artist Andrew Foster from the small village of Emsworth UK. 

He started his journey pasting lyrics and doing street art across the southcoast to battle the effects of mental heath whilst working with acclaimed street artist MyDogSighs.


Little Blue is the more street-art side of Andrew Foster. Immediate, naive and used as a outpouring sketchbook of ideas. Bold brash colors (blue & pink being a favorite) sit alongside cartoon like scenarios with Little Blue himself.

Inspired by the small blue elephant teddy he used to take on tour in his guitar case, this little avatar represents the childlike naivety we all have in us.


The wonder and confusion of being a child is something that will always cut through the noise...even when you are a big elephant!

You can purchase some little blue pieces in the shop.

Recently started exhibiting in galleries and Bristol’s Upsfest & Cheltenham  Paint Festival. 


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