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So from the murky depths of the ocean, to the vast undiscovered territory of space. The adventure and discovery continues with my second online exhibition 'Atomic Gold'.

I'm an 80's child and so was brought up in the Space age's prime time and downfall. I was obsessed with space Lego, my Dads 60's and 70's 'strange but true' cigarette cards, re-runs of the Jetsons and the computer boom.  My Dad went to America for work and brought back gifts from his visit at Cape Canaveral.  That's when I really started to be obsessed with the night sky, UFO's and having an excuse to wear my silver NASA jacket complete with arm badges!

This collection is another delve into themes on the human condition. Exploration of the space age being the vessel that I've attached to in which to delve into myself.

These pieces have all fallen out very quickly again, ill be aiming for a trilogy of these gold ranges. I hope you enjoy it. All originals are available to buy from here. 

We have lift off.