Sometimes interesting movements come from dark places.

My journey started with art as a reaction to a very low point in my life. I took up a job helping acclaimed artist My Dog Sighs in his studio and was inspired with his interest in my story and the world of art as a form of expression. As soon as i found the medium as a way to express mental health and the human condition I was like a sponge soaking up techniques, ideas and influences.


Street art was my beginning, putting out crude scribbles and ideas on the streets for the public to find. Using the pseudo name 'Little Blue' was liberating as it wasn't linked to myself.

I quickly developed into wanting to better express ideas and make my work more coherent so split the two sides of myself. The naïve sketchbook of 'Little Blue' and the more refined work exist together.

I mostly study the human condition using abstract, contemporary themes in pysical and digital realms. 

Any questions of commissions or anything else dont afraid to touch base. 

Andy x



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